Evil Noodle Tickles Tortures Johnny Knoxville/Sent to Austria was a GoAnimate special with the transcript and plot of it made by Sarah West.


Noodle plans to kidnap Johnny Knoxville and tickle his nose. Noodle tells Johnny to buy him some Total Drama Island DVDs. However, Johnny tells him no. Noodle tickles Johnny's nose, causing him to laugh. However, Boris Anderson, Johnny's best friend, saves Johnny and calls Noodle to ground Evil Noodle. Noodle grounds Evil Noodle and takes him to the airport to send him to Austria. Later that night, Mrs Knoxville and Mr Knoxville, Johnny's parents, comfort Johnny and they tell him how terrible Evil Noodle was. Mrs Knoxville and Mr Knoxville then read Johnny a bedtime story to help Johnny go to sleep.


  • Kendra as Evil Noodle.
  • Eric as Boris Anderson.
  • Joey as Johnny Knoxville.
  • African Vulture as Mrs Knoxville.
  • Smirks as Mr Knoxville.
  • Kayla as Noodle.
  • Simon as the Airport Manager.
  • Brian as the Pilot.
  • Yannick as Noodle's altered voice.
  • Stefan as the PA.


[We see Evil Noodle sitting in the couch]

Evil Noodle: What should i do? (gets an idea) I know! I think i will kidnap Johnny and tickle his nose.

[The Video Outlaw fanfare plays as Evil Noodle runs away from the living room]

[Cut to the living room of the Knoxville household]

[Johnny was watching Snagglepuss on Cartoon Network]

[Evil Noodle walks up to Johnny]

Johnny: Evil Noodle, what are you up to?

Evil Noodle: I am going to kidnap you.

[Evil Noodle kidnaps Johnny]

Johnny: (in Peppy Hare's voice) Noooooooooooooooooooo!!

[Cut to Evil Noodle's bedroom; Johnny was tied into Evil Noodle's bed]

Evil Noodle: (in Hugh Test's voice) Tadaaaaa!! (in Kendra voice) You are trapped. Can you buy me some Total Drama Island DVDs?

Johnny: No, Evil Noodle. That was not going to happen.

Evil Noodle: Okay, Johnny. You asked for it.

[Evil Noodle gets out a feather and tickles Johnny's nose; causing Johnny to laugh]


[Evil Noodle stops tickling]

Evil Noodle: Johnny, you are such a cool ticklish 17 year old Jewish teenager.

[Evil Noodle tickles Johnny's nose again; Johnny laughs again. Johnny cannot take it. Noodle will be in trouble]


[Boris walks up to Johnny]

Boris: Do not worry, Johnny. I am here to save you.

[Boris unties Johnny from Evil Noodle's bed]

Boris: Evil Noodle, how dare you kidnap Johnny. You know he was a cool 17 year old Jewish teenager, and he was my best friend! That's it! I am going to call Noodle!

[Boris picks up the phone]

Boris: Hello, Noodle. Evil Noodle kidnapped my best friend and tickled his nose.

Noodle: Evil Noodle did what? He was going to be grounded.

Boris: Okay, Noodle. Ground Evil Noodle. Goodbye. (hangs up) Noodle was coming to pick you up. Also, he will ground you. So get used to it!

Evil Noodle: (in Johnny Test's voice) Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!

[Cut to the living room]

Noodle: Evil Noodle, how dare you kidnap Johnny and tickle his nose! You know he was a cool 17 year old Jewish teenager. That's it! You are grounded until the 20th anniversary of The Little Mermaid! Come with me, Evil Noodle. We are taking you to the airport.

[Noodle and Evil Noodle walk away from the living room]

[Cut to the airport]

Airport Manager: Can i help you?

Noodle: We would like a ticket for Evil Noodle to Austria.

Airport Manager: Okay. He will go to the waiting corner.

[Evil Noodle walks up to the waiting corner]

[Cut to the waiting corner]

Evil Noodle: I am so scared.

[Evil Noodle walks up to the plane]

Pilot: Ladies and gentlemen. This is your pilot speaking. Flight 15 to Vienna Austria and Gateaway 13. Enjoy your flight.

[45 hours later]

[Cut to the airport of Vienna]

Evil Noodle: Why did i get sent to Austria?

PA: Welsom to Viena, Austria. Zis zon vas for unloaded pasengers. Zer vas no parking aloved.

[Cut to the streets of Vienna]

Evil Noodle: (in Yannick voice) Oh no! I am speaking Austrian! Kuld my life get vorse zan zis?

[Cut to Johnny's bedroom]

Mr Knoxville: Johnny, are you okay?

Johnny: Yes, Dad. I am tired.

Mrs Knoxville: I know, Johnny. You are tired.

Johnny: Yes, Mom. I hate Evil Noodle so much.

Mr Knoxville: That's okay, son. Evil Noodle got sent to Austria.

Johnny: Thank you, Dad. Can you please read me a story about Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night to help me go to sleep?

[Mrs Knoxville and Mr Knoxville tucked Johnny into bed]

[Mr Knoxville began reading Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night]

[After the story, Johnny yawned]

Mr Knoxville: Johnny, that story made you sleepy.

Mrs Knoxville: A bedtime story can help you go to sleep.

Johnny: Thank you, Dad and Mom. I am ready to.. go to sleep.

[Johnny yawned and fell asleep]

Mr Knoxvile: Goodnight son.

[Mrs Knoxville and Mr Knoxville left Johnny's bedroom]