Amos is a character from Famous Amos made by Amos Martinez.


  • Amos Martinez (a.k.a Famous Amos)
    • Voiced by: Amos Martinez. (Again, you only need ONE voice for ONE character. Not a whole bunch of them.)
    • Age: 19
    • Favorite music: 1980's and 1990's music.
    • Crushes: Julissa Montro Lopez, Kayla Sanchez, and Melody Lopez (None of them are his girlfriends just girls he has a crush on)
    • Family Relatives: Juan (mother), John (father), Michael (brother), Misael (brother), Crystal (sister), Jessica (sister), and Ruth (sister).
    • Favorite Color: Blue.
    • Personality: A pretty chill guy who oftentimes has his head up in the clouds. He likes to dream big but doesn't really plan ahead. He's also a hopeless romantic, often falling for any girl he finds pretty but has trouble keeping a relationship with them (hints why he has so many crushes). He can be pretty egotistical at times, and often needs to be put down a peg when he is. He does care for friends and family and often tries to be there for them.
    • Likes: Comedy movies, reading, drawing (isn't very good at it though), cute girls, writing stories (isn't very good at it though), dogs, and weekends.
    • Dislikes: Mondays, bullies, being unpopular, getting his ego hurt, being told that his art isn't good, waking up early, and being alone