This is an ungrounded video by Gfourtx.


Evil Foo's punishment for killing Regular Show was she gets killed by Foo.


  • Ivy as Foo.
  • Kayla as Evil Foo.
  • Princess as Azura.
  • Eric as Ike.


Foo: Evil Foo, how dare you kill Regular Show! You know it was Roland's favorite show! That's it! I will kill you with my orange chainsaw.

Evil Foo: Please no, Foo! Do not kill me!

Foo: Too bad, Evil Foo. Now die.

[Foo kills Evil Foo with his orange chainsaw]

[Evil Foo was dead]

Custard: Yeah! I killed Evil Custard!

[Cut to the living room]

Azura: Foo, thank you for killing Evil Foo. She deserves it for killing Regular Show.

Ike: You are ungrounded. For your reward, you can watch some shows made by Turner, Cartoon Network, Hanna Barbera, Kids Wb, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, Paramount, Marvel, and Warner Bros..

Foo: Thank you, Daddy and Mommy! You are kind!