Viktor Braun's Nightmare was a GoAnimate special with the transcript and plot of it made by Sarah West.


Viktor Braun was having a nightmare about being beaten up by BlueKraid and Rockin' Ralph, Roland, Philip, and Jane failing to save him. So his parents comfort him.


  • Eric as Viktor Braun and Rockin' Ralph.
  • Young Guy as BlueKraid.
  • David as Roland.
  • Brian as Philip.
  • Kayla as Jane.
  • African Vulture as Mrs Braun.
  • Kyle Rangel as Mr Braun.


[We see Viktor's edroom]

[Viktor walks up to the bed]

Viktor: Gee, i am so tired. I might as well go to sleep.

[Viktor tucks himself into his bed and falls asleep]

[Dream starts]

BlueKraid: Okay, Viktor. I am going to beat you up.

Viktor: Please no, BlueKraid! Do not beat me up!

BlueKraid: Too bad, Viktor.

[Ralph, Roland, Philip, and Jane walk up to Viktor]

Ralph: Do not worry, Viktor. We are here to save you.

BlueKraid: Get away from me!

Roland: No, BlueKraid!

Philip: Don't you dare hurt Viktor!

Jane: BlueKraid, stop hurting Viktor.

BlueKraid: Okay, Victor. Prepare to get beaten up.

[BlueKraid beats up Viktor; Ralph, Roland, Philip, and Jane see him]

Ralph: BlueKraid! No!

[Viktorstarts crying]

[Dream ends]

[Viktor wakes up screaming in Azura's voice]

[Viktor's parents walk up to Viktor]

Mrs Braun: Viktor, what's wrong?

Mr Braun: Why are you so scared?

Viktor: Dad, Mom, this is terrible. Ralph, Roland, Philip, and Jane had to save me from BlueKraid beating me up, and they failed.

Mr Braun: Don't worry, son. BlueKraid will not beat you up. He will be grounded and he will be forced to watch some shows and films that are not made by Turner, Cartoon Network, Hanna Barbera, Kids Wb, Rankin Bass, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, Paramount, Comedy Central, Adult Swim, and Marvel.

Mrs Braun: Don't be scared, Viktor.

Mr Braun: Come on, son. Come downstairs to watch The Jackson Five.

Viktor: Okay, Dad, Mom.